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NB – If you live in rented accommodation you MUST provide written confirmation from your landlord with your enquiry form. Without this we cannot process your enquiry.
If the pet is too young to be neutered at the time of adoption you must agree to neuter your new pet before 8 months of age. Please note that we do a home check for every animal we rehome. If for any reason you cannot keep the pet you must return it to Happy Days Animal Rescue Taking on any pet is a big commitment, have you considered that your new pet could live until it is 15 years old for a dog and 20 years for a cat. It will need to be house trained and this can take some time. You will need to keep the inoculations up to date every year and also treat your dog regularly for worms and fleas. Cats can damage furniture with their claws when they decide to sharpen them on your settee for example. Young dogs like to chew when their teeth are coming through and again may well chew your chair legs !! They will need to be looked after while you are on holiday, you cannot depend on friends for help so would need to be prepared to pay kennel or cattery fees. We ask for a donation for our rescue animals. This will then be used to rescue more animals in need. With all this in mind, if you wish to be considered for one of our rescue animals, please complete and send this form.

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It's much more environmentally friendly, easier and faster to complete the online form but if you really prefer a paper copy please click below for a PDF form

Happy Days Adoption Form