6th October 2019

After a rather eventful day, the girls are safely tucked up in their beds.
Babs and Ashley have arrived safe.

29th September 2019

Please come and support us. We don't ask for much, just eat cake, drink tea and have a good natter. Would love to see lots of our supporters there xx

22nd September 2019

Look at Saffi having afternoon tea, what a great little girl. Miss you in training classes Saffi and Dad

15th September 2019

What a lovely day for me. Milly came to see me. She travelled over with Lori to be his friend and help him to become a happier boy. Once we saw how long it was going to take him to recover we decided it was not fair on Milly to have to stay in kennels with him. We looked for a very special home for her and found one that was just perfect. Her little tail never stops wagging.

8th September 2019

Fingers crossed everyone we can get this poor girl out of Barland Kill Shelter very soon. We have a rescuer trying to get her and will keep her in her own house until we can get her ready to travel. I have called her Babs (Black and Beautiful). A lady has been feeding her on the streets for 4 years, she has begged a rescue to help her, she has never been any trouble. Now she is in the hands of the scum they call the dog catchers, we have to try and save her and get her to Happy Days so she can find a new life free from danger.

1st September 2019

Philip is feeling so much better now those nasty old worms are gone. He loves to come out and play with Tammy. He enjoyed all the brushing yesterday from Sian. Tammy is like a new dog, now she is up to the weight she should be. What a lovely pair, so glad we were able to get them to Happy Days, big thanks to everyone that had a hand in that.

25th August 2019

Tammy was one of the saddest cases, so badly starved when found. Friends pulled together, sharing the love, saving a life. You can throw all the money you want at some things, but you wont ever get the feeling we do.

18th August 2019

What a great day Fido had yesterday. His first big day out with the family to Southport. He absolutely loved it and was the perfect boy.

11th August 2019

A very kind friend of Happy Days sent us a large donation just a couple of weeks ago and hoped it would be enough to save a dog, it is.
So introducing Ash, she will be arriving late September to join us at Happy Days, she is 10 years old and has been waiting in a cage for 5 years to be rescued. Well baby, you are coming home at last.

4th August 2019

Beautiful Jo got her Angel Wings last night. When you look up you will see her, she will be a shining star. She was a wonderful girl, a rescue of course. My best pal, the sweetest nature, loved everyone and every dog she met.

28th July 2019

The lady that asked me to find a dog for her, and I found Miss Dixie, says she should be allowed to keep one of her pups, she hasn't had much of a life so far so she feels she should keep one, so has offered a home to Miss Dixie and her baby. What a lovely lady.

21st July 2019

Had a lovely phone call today to let us know that Sassi has settled into her new home really well. She has been there 2 weeks so today was allowed out for the first time. She was very good and walked beautifully on the lead. Thanks to dog club members that taught her lead walking skills. They are very pleased with her, and guess what, just as I said would happen, she hasn't been barking, she was just excited at being out of kennels. I cant tell you how much it means to us to have updates on the dogs and cats we re home.

14th July 2019

We are all a Grandma !! Miss Dixie has had 6 puppies, not bad for a dog that was officially neutered in Romania and had a tag in her ear to prove someone was paid for doing it !!!

7th July 2019

Our Little Miss Dixie was keeping something hidden !! The rescue she is with in Romania thought she was looking better and putting weight on now she is being looked after and having good food. Now we see why !! Our little girl is soon to become a Mother. So we can't move her until she has had her pups. This is the life of rescue, never a dull moment.

30th June 2019

Philip is doing very well. He is being treated by Lizzie at Rhyd Broughton and is improving every day. From a dog that didn't bother to come out of his kennel in Romania to our lovely lad who loves to see us. He is on restricted exercise at the moment and took me by surprise this morning by coming out of his kennel at a run. Lead on tomorrow my lad, you are obviously feeling much better.

23rd June 2019

Our beautiful Sassi left for her new home today. She has a lovely new Mum and Dad who will keep her safe for the rest of her days. They have already rung to say she is ok loves her new bed and was quiet all the way home.

16th June 2019

Look who was in kennels last week, our Luna. I hope her new family enjoyed their holiday as much as I enjoyed looking after this little one for a while.

9th June 2019

Look at our little Saffi settled in and even learning to play with toys.

2nd June 2019

Another happy, sad day at Happy Days today as our Saffi left for her new home. She already has her new Dad wrapped around her paw. She is such a special fun loving little girl, it was great to see her off to start the new life she so deserves.

26th May 2019

Poppy is going to her new home, Thanks to all involved with this rescue. Well done and good luck Poppy.

12th May 2019

Our beautiful little Taz left for her new home today. She has waited a long time for the right home and she is a very lucky girl to have found a lady that is just perfect for her. She also has a new brother. What a lucky girl she is, have a great life Taz, I am sure going to miss you lovely girl. Job Done xx

21st April 2019

Our new resident rescue dog arrived last week. Jill was a bit excited to welcome her to Happy Days. She has been very badly treated and is extremely thin. We will be feeding her 6 times a day, small meals until she is up to the weight she should be. She can now look forward to a life full of love and cuddles from the Happy Days Gang.

31st March 2019

Our beautiful Sara left for her new home on Saturday. I don't think Jill wanted her to go. Always happens ! But this was one very special girl who had crept right into Jill's heart. She has had a wonderful home and we will see her every week in class. Got to put the dog first, but sometimes its hard.

24th March 2019

At last our 2 lovely cats have gone off to their new home. The have escaped a terrible life in Romania and can now look forward to a life without fear.

17th March 2019

Our beautiful Jade has found a new home near the beach. How lucky is she. The home check has been passed so she will soon be leaving us to start her new life. Lucky girl x

10th March 2019

Our little Rosie went off to her new home on Saturday. We have all fallen in love with this little one. Just £20 before Xmas that we sent to a rescue in Romania saved her life. Best £20 the rescue has ever spent I think. Be happy Rosie, see you soon in Dog Club.

17th February 2019

Our lovely new dogs have been coming into dog club so we can assess what sort of home they will need. Jade (pale golden girl) is a little bit shy so will need a quiet home. She soon comes out of herself and starts to play. She just loves to cuddle up to you too.

10th February 2019

Our lovely new girl has certainly scored a hit with one of our Dog Club members, Simon. She loves to have a cuddle. She is a bit shy but is getting better all the time. She will soon be looking for a new home where she will be safe for the rest of her life.

20th January 2019

Lovely Gwen and shy Pauline are now all part of the family. It has taken some time working with Pauline to trust Phil, but as you can see, she loves to jump up at him now for some attention.

13th January 2019

Jumping on the Happy Bus in two weeks time is Jade. Jill saw this photo of her in the dreaded Botosani Kill Station in Romania. She got in touch and offered to bring her to Happy Days. She is now having all her health checks ready to travel. I think all the girls will be fighting for a cuddle with this lovely girl.

This is little Rosie, she has been saved by our friend Sophia from a killing station in Romania. She will be arriving at Happy Days at the end of January. She will be left alone for a few days to get over the journey, then Jill will be assessing her to see what kind of home would suit her best.

6th January 2019

Our lovely Betty who we thought would live at Happy Days forever due to her past and her being so frightened, blossomed after arriving and working with Jill for a few weeks. She is such a wonderful girl Jill said it would be a shame not to find her a home. We were very lucky that one of our dog club members fell in love with her when she first arrived. Just after New Year off she went to live with Angela, a perfect match, good luck lovely girl.

These 2 lucky little cats have been saved from the mean streets of Romania. They will be arriving at Happy Days at the end of January. Cant wait to meet them.

30th December 2018

Winnie and Bella have moved to their new home. As they were so bonded to each other we had to find a home that would take both. Les and Phil are perfect for them, they will have such a good life, go on lovely walks and they will be going on holiday together too.

16th December 2018

Little Mindy (Julie) looking forward to her first Xmas in the UK. She was found alone by a busy road in Romania. Our friend scooped her up and into her car. She looked after her until we could bring her to the UK. She is a very lucky girl and very happy in her new home.

9th December 2018

Lucky Julie has found her new home, she has gone to live with one of our rescue committee members, Sandra. She will be coming to dog club every week so that is lovely for all of us as we will see her progress.

2nd December 2018

Our lovely Betty arrived safe at Happy Days, she is being assessed and will be looking for a home in the New Year. She is a real sweetie, so sad she spent 2 years on a chain in Romania before we became away of her plight and made plans to get her to us so we could help her.

18th November 2018

I was asked by a friend to find a new little middle aged dog for her little girl. Her little dog had died a few weeks before. I found Friday who was with a friend of ours in Rescue in Romania. Message to Carmen, dog booked on transport with Dana, assessed when he arrived to make sure he was suitable. Intro to resident dog went very well, home check done, Friday off to new home. That's how is should be, a bit of patience and the right dog in the right home. Lucky Friday, now Jangles x

4th November 2018

Betty will soon be arriving at Happy Days. This poor girl has been waiting 3 years for someone to notice her and offer to help her. She did have a home, but as she wasn’t any good at guarding they put her out on the street and shut the gates. She waited outside for a long time and then wandered off. This is when she was hit by a car. Her owners just left her lying there with 2 broken front legs. She was lucky someone saw her and she was taken to a vet for treatment but has been stuck in a little kennel and run ever since. We hope she will be rehomeable, but if not, she will be a friend for Lorenzo and will stay here with him to help him cope with life.

21st October 2018

Our lovely Happy Days friend Sonia Goulding put on a community café for us in Cilcain on Saturday. We had to turn up and eat cake, (our kind of fundraiser). Massive thanks to Sonia and to everyone that turned up to support us. We came away with £400. It is people being so kind that means our rescue can continue and Jill can carry on her work helping poor sad dogs like Lorenzo. We have sent a message to our rescue friends in Romania to tell Betty to get her bags packed, she is coming home to Happy Days xx

14th October 2018

Our lucky little lad Friday has now moved on to his new home. He has another dog to play with and Sophia to love. Isn't that just a great photo, from the mean streets of Romania to cuddling up with your new best friend to look after you. Job done. xx

7th October 2018

Well we did it, our annual sponsored walk. This year we walked around the Rhug Estate near Corwen. We had a great day, walking, eating lunch and of course chatting away. I love it when the 3 training groups come together to try and collect enough funds to help us through another year of rescue. We have over £1000 and hope to push it to £1500 once we have all the sponsor money in. Thank you everyone that took part or sponsored us, we have a great team here at Happy Days x

This years walk was called Harry's Hike for Happy Days, so of course Harry came too x

23rd September 2018

Our new dogs arrived this week. They were tired from the long journey but soon livened up once they had had a good nights sleep. They came into dog club this morning to meet some our club members that help us run our rescue. We will be doing our Sponsored Walk next Sunday at the Rhug Estate near Corwen, we hope to raise lots of money so we can rescue more animals.

16th September 2018

This little fella is called Friday as he was found by Carmen our rescue friend on a Friday. He is on his way to Happy Days and will arrive on Monday. Can't wait to meet him and give him a big love. I am sure he will soon be heading off for his new home. What's not to love about him. He already has someone interested, so after a few days to rest he will meet the dog who hopefully will be his new sister. If they don't hit it off, then he will be looking for a new home in a couple of weeks after assessment.

9th September 2018

Our lovely Nita can be a bit naughty. She was such a sad case when she arrived at Happy Days. Her name in Romania was 'Suffering' Bless her. After Jill spent many months working with her to show her we are really quite nice and the other dogs just want to play, she is a changed girl Jill even took her to Bangor University last year when she was giving a talk about her work doing rehab with very stressed dogs. She likes nothing better now than to get into the wood shed and dig holes, as she only has 3 legs she does it with her nose. This is the face Jill gets when she askes her if anyone has been digging holes. Me Mum, no, I have no knowledge of anyone digging holes at all !!

2nd September 2018

Alice left this week for her new home. She is a very lucky girl, she will have a sister to live with and a lot of family dogs to play with. We will miss Alice, she wasn't very well when she arrived and so has been here a bit longer than normal and we have all spoiled her. She didn't want to leave Paul who was one of her favourite people to cuddle with. Good Luck Alice, see you soon in training class.

26th August 2018

Our lovely old lady Skye, also known as Miss Pink Pyjamas is well and truly settled in her new home. After a phone call from our vet to say she had been taken in to be pts by her owners, but they would hand her over to rescue, Jill jumped in the car to go and collect her. At age 14 we didnt think she would get a home, but we were happy for her to live out her life at Happy Days. She was very matted so we had to shave all her fur off. As you can see, she is fully recovered, fur grown, beautiful and silky and she has a home to call her own. We miss her at Happy Days, but were very happy to see her leave for her retirement home. Job well and truly done x

19th August 2018

Big thanks to Matt and Emma for hosting our Rescue Committee meeting last week at their pub, The Fox and Hounds in Pwllglas near Ruthin. A warm welcome and great food as usual.

We had lots to discuss. Fund raising always top of the agenda.

This years main fund raiser will be a Sponsored Walk - Harry's Hike for Happy Days. Those of you that have followed the Harry Story from the start will know what a major thing it is for him to be able to come out for a walk with us. He is ok as long as he has his club friends and handlers with him. There will be more details soon for people that would like to sponsor Harry.

We hope our supporters will help us to keep doing the work we all love, saving animals who need us and putting a smile back on their little faces.

12th August 2018

Lucky Harry had a visitor this week. Anna used to come and sit with him and give him cuddles when he was first coming into Dog Club. She has been off to University for 3 years but he certainly had not forgotten her. He was soon cuddling up just like he used to. Harry is very lucky to have such a large fan club.

5th August 2018

Winnie and Bella have booked their seats on the Happy Bus and will be arriving with us in September. They are Mother and Daughter and need to be homed together. Just two small dogs who have had a rough time in Romania and ended up in a kill shelter ( I know those two words don't go together do they !) They were rescued by Sofia Radu and are being looked after at her Shelter. We cant wait for them to arrive so we can shower them with love and find them a good home for the rest of their lives.

29th July 2018

Alice came into dog club today to learn some basic commands for when she finds her new home. She had a great time getting to know everyone. She loves other dogs. We think she would be better homed with another dog to play with. She is about 1 - 2 years old, an all round lovely girl. She soon had Matt giving her cuddles and treats.

22nd July 2018

We carried our very frightened little lad Lorenzo into the training school yesterday to see if he would socialise or at least take some interest in another dog and people. We could not have been happier. He cuddled in to Jill's dog Jo and had a good look at everyone. He didn't walk around but it is early days, he has come on so much in the short time he has been here. 4 people sat with him and talked to him, he even had a bit of a brush. Small steps, but steps in the right direction of his rehabilitation.

15th July 2018

Alice is doing well, she is coming to Dog Club to learn a few basic commands. She loves the other dogs and is very friendly with people. We are trying to train her to sit in front of us instead of jumping all over us ! She so loves attention. Her fur is growing really fast now. She is going to be a very pretty girl. Alice would be great homed with a couple of kids to play with her, she is only young and loves to play all day.

8th July 2018

Lina, now Luna left for her new home today. Everyone looks very happy with the new member of their family

7th July 2018

Dog club stopped this morning, why, well, look who came to visit. Miss Pink Pyjamas herself. Everyone had to come out and say hello to our lovely old lady who we rescued from pts earlier this year. Her fur is growing again after we had to shave it off due to her being so matted. She looks so happy, putting on weight and living the dream. Sometimes, well, a lot of the time, rescue is heart breaking and very frustrating. But, a visit from one of our 'desperate' cases and it gives us the boost we need to carry on.
Great day for Mr Fido today. After over 12 months at Happy Days he has left today to be with his new family. He will have another dog to play with which is great. Good luck Mr Fido, this day has been a long time coming for you xx
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