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This page is a tribute to some of our special dogs who are no longer with us.....

Tilly Mint

Tilly was happy so long as she had a good supply of tennis balls to play with. She passed early in 2017 very quickly. We all miss her so much.



Rosie came here from the pound. She used to work Jill's shep before becomining a little too old for it, so just tried to keep the cats in line. She sadly left us just before Christmas 2016.


Maggie wasour Nurse Dog, she looked after all the new arrivals and sorted out any problems between any of the dogs.  Sadly left us after a short illness.

Kaya Wales

Kaya came to Happy Days to be a Granny figure to all our younger dogs.She lived up to all we wished for.  She used to sing Romanian Folk Songs and have us all in stitches with her antics.  Harry loved her and looked to her to look after him after Grannie Annie left us. She had kidney failure which she lived with for a while but then we could see she was losing the battle.  She died peacefully in Jills arms after saying goodbye to her Sat morning dog club friends.

We miss our singing Kaya Wales, she broke many hearts when she left


Oscar our wonderful 3 legged big fella from Romania was only with us for a short time.  He left a huge hole when he left us. He had a massive tumour in his chest which was beyond any treatment. He had so much fun here at Happy Days and was part of our family, everyone loved him, he made us all laugh, running free knocking us out of the way when he was playing with his dog friends.

Since losing Oscar we set up a fund in his name to help another disabled dog come to Happy Days. Croga is now with us and will spend his life loved by all just as Oscar did.


Anne came to us from Romania and helped Harry along after Jenny

Marley Mac

Marley Mac used to have a bit of a temper!!. He eventually realised he was here to be loved and made friends with everyone


Jenny came to Happy Days from North Clwyd Animal Rescue and eventually became a wonderful mother figure to Harry

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