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Mirella is staying here at Happy Days with all of her friends.


After Peggy had her kits and they were re homed we had to come to a decision how we could help Peggy. We could not just let her go as she was by now semi - feral and relied on us for food. We decided to build a cat palace for her and another semi - feral we have here IvorThey love each other and are really happy living in the cat palace.  They can go to the outside and sit in the sun if they choose.  They also love to sit in the rain !!  They can see the dogs and love to annoy them by not moving if they bark at them.  We feel we have done the best in a difficult situation. 



Harry is here for good and is making steady progress, playing with all the other dogs on the yard. He has a big fan club now and Jodi sits with him in class. He just loves to see her. Rhian even gets him to join in, he loves heelwork and has a very good stay!




Maggie is staying here at Happy Days. Maggie is our Nurse Dog, she looks after all the new arrivals and sorts out any problems between any of the dogs.  She is very protective of Harry and Bella Boo




Unfortunately one of our club members passed away, she left a letter saying Tess was to be taken to Jill at Happy Days, she was rehomed but she just didn't settle and came back to Jill.  It has been decided that Tess would be better staying at the kennels where she knows people and can come and see her friends in Dog Club

Tilly Mint

Tilly will stay at Happy Days. She is happy so long as she has a good supply of tennis balls to play with.



Rosie came here from the pound. She was so traumatized she had given up on life. She refused to eat, however she would drink, but only from a puddle.

We sat with her until late at night after club putting all manner of things in her mouth that the other dogs would have killed for. We held her mouth shut, stroked her neck, the works.

As soon as we let go Rosie just spat the food out and went back to her corner. It was war, no dog starves to death on my watch! I went for some chicken complan, I syringed it into her mouth for 3 days before she gave in and started eating. She was so thin we could see her ribs. Slowly, very slowly she put weight on, within a few weeks she looked great - we had turned the corner.

Then one day she suddenly lost loads of weight - she produced 6 strapping pups. What a surprise - not. Her pups all found good homes with the help of the Denbighshire Free Press who carried a story about her. It turns out she is a working sheep dog so she will stay with me now and work my few sheep to keep her paw in!

She has a need to work and is only really happy when out in the fields working with me and the sheep.

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