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Some of our success stories have stayed with us. Visit our here to stay page for more details...


Millie has found a lovely home with an elderly collie friend.


Rosa has gone to keep a lovely lady company.


Lovely fluffy Diego (now Lenny) has settled in the most wonderful home with lovely GSD pal to play with.


Emy has got the home and family we all hoped she would. Very happy!

Mr Fido

Mr. Fido has found himself the perfect home by the sea.


Moosie has found a wonderful family to live with.


Artie has gone to a lovely home by the sea


Widget has gone to live in a lovely family home.


Callie has found a lovely home to call her own.


We are delighted that Haf has gone to live with a family of 3 other dogs, including one our our previous rescues. Very happy!


Sparkle has found a lovely home by the sea.


Bryony has gone to live with two more of our rescues and a spaniel.

Naomi and Betty

These two have found a lovely home together. Lucky girls.


Molly has found her forever home with her failed foster family. Happy days indeed. She is living with another of our Happy Days rescues.


Lola is enjoying life in her new home.


Chi has found a lovely home not too far away



Frodo is having a lovely life now with new doggy and feline friends


Florin has found a lovely home for himself.

Tessie and Robin

Tessie and Robin have found a great home together.




Sylvester has found a home quite local to us. Lucky boy!


Howard and Helen

Howard has found a home by the seaside. Helen is also in a lovely home.


Peter has gone to live along the North wales coast


Becky has gone to a lovely home with 2 other little dogs to play with

Miss Minion

Miss Minion has gone off to a lovely family home.


Mala and Innes have found a lovely home together.


Jill and Phil

The two semi-feral cats have found a lovely rural home together.


Little Pixie Pie is going to stay at Happy Days with his new pals


Now called Kimi, this bundle of energy has finally got the home he deserves.


Dora is being fostered for us by a lovely lady. Hope she gets on well there.


Now called Molly, Radi has gone to live with another four legged friend and comes to club for training.


Saffi is living a lovely life by the seaside. Lucky girl!


Cinders has gone to a lovely home not too far away


Mary has gone to live with a couple of our other rescues.



This little bundle of fun has found a lovely home with one of out other rescues. Lucky girl! 


Fagin, Dodger and Oliver

These little ones were found dumped near Ellesmere. They all had cat flu, but with our cat fosterer Lyn Jones' help they all made it and have got lovelt homes.



Hamlet came all the way from Devon. The rescue there had a massive hoarder job to do so needed to empty their cattery. He now has a lovely home.


Sugar, now called Lexi, has fallen on her feet (all four of them) and will be very happy in her new home.


This lucky boy has found a perfect home not too far away. He'll fit right in.


Rowan and Daisy

These two have foung a lovely home together. Good luck both!!



Sonia and Tomy have found a lovely home together with some other Happy Days rescues.





Snowball, now known as George, has found a great home for himself.

Peggy's Kittens

All four kittens have been rehomed together in a beautiful rural environment. They are so lucky!!


Betty has left us to go to a new life of confort and love. Lucky Betty!!



Fini (now called Birdie) has found her home here at Happy Days



Hazel has found the quiet home she needed and comes to training


Bracken has gone to live with his litter sister and is loving life.


Shrimp has found a lovely home with experienced owners and is living the life of Riley!!


Sprout has found a lovely home with a feline friend.



Coco has been rehomed with two more of our rescues. They all come to club regularly so we know how they are all getting on!!



Pumpkin found a lovely home not far from the recue. He is very happy


Homer was quickly snapped up and also lives with more dog friends


Snow White

This lovely girl has gone to live in foster with Dave and Macaron.


Dave has found the perfect home with Macaron's family. He also comes to training every week


Willow has landed on her feet in a home with a doggie friend to play with


Macaron has found a lovely home and now comes to training every week


Penny's first try at rehoming wasn't successful so she came back but has now found a lovely home near the North wales coast. She looks so at home.


 Peki has gone off to her lovely new home.


Olimpia has found a new home with one of our previous rescue's. Lucky girl!!


Pamela has found a lovely home with another doggie friend


This cute little one has gone to a lovely home nearby and has fitted right in.


Emilia is living alovely life near Mold


Now called Chico, he has joined a new doggie family and comes to club every week


Bertie now has a lovely home with 3 more dog friends to play with


Now known as Alice, she has left to play with her new family


Happy (now called Tilly) has been rehomed and is doing very well in her training in club


Penny has left to a lovely home in Cheshire



Sami now has a lovely home



Molly has finally found a lovely home with another collie to play with



The girl from the killing station who got here by mistake has found a lovely home.


Lulu was one of two border collies that came to us after being taken to the vets to be put to sleep for food agression issues. She's now gone to be an agility champion. We have no doubt that she will!!


Rita has landed on her feet with lovely new owners


After a short stay in a foster home, Sandra went off to a happy new life


 Dora was snapped up soon after she arrived here


Angel has found herself a lovely home


Happy quickly found a new home, with a doggie friend to play with


Pearl (the little one) went to live with Molly who we rescued a few months earlier. Incredible likeness!!


Cassie also went off to a happy life almost as soon as she got here!!


Mini was snapped up in no time and has gone to a lovely home


Flo managed to find a special home with lots of other dogs to play with. She comes back to club for training regularly


Unsurprisingly, Flori was snapped up in no time at all, safe now.


Lani has been adopted by her fosterers and now lives with two lovely labs and comes to dog club


Shiny was lucky enough to find a lovely home with lots of space to run in

Minnie Loo

Minnie Loo was very unhappy in kennels but fortunately found a special home close by very quickly


Katie has foung a lovely new family to live with



Ruffi has gone to a lovely new home



Molly has gone off to her new forever home

Mr Crispy

Mr Crispy, now known as Dibley has gone off to a fabulous new home


Red has found a lovely home to call his own. He deserves it.


Connie has been rehomed with a lovely family of dogs to play with



Unsurprisingly, Max has gone to a lovely family home. He has settled in nicely and we look forward to further updates on his progress.


Holly has gone off to her new home


Lady has gone off to a new home but will hopefully be coming back to us in Happy Days for training


Tilly wasn't here long (no surprise there!) and has gone to live with two more doggy friends


When the family who came for Meg (see below) saw Tess, they couldn't resist her charms and she went off with them as well!! 


Meg (now to be called Val) has been rehomed to a great family along the coast


Just as we thought, Mickey did not hang around long and was re-homed from his fosterer. Great result!


Kitson has at last found a place to live with lots of other cats. It's close by so we'll still be seeing lots of him!!


Richard has got a new home locally to us. He deserves a special place after his life until now and we're sure he's found the home and family he deserves


Muffin has finally gone off to a new home locally. He'll be very happy there


At long last Trevor has got a new home. It's a long way away but he'll be with lots of other oldies. Fabulous news!!



Bambi has gone off to a new home. She has made a remarkable recovery from when she came in to us, starved and neglected. Her new owners love her (and vice versa!!). 



After many months here at the rescue, Crispy finally found a lovely fireside to lie by.


Great news!! Yoyo has found a fabulous home where she will hopefully learn to do agility work. It's the perfect place for her, but she will be missed here!!


Just as we thought, Poppy didn't hang around long as has gone off to her new home with her new sister, also a shi-tzu. The good news is we'll be seeing her regularly in dog club on Saturdays


Suki has gone off to her lovely new home and will hopefully be coming back to dog club in the near future.


Tomos has gone off to a new home along the North Wales coast. He will have a lovely time with his new friends and we will have regular updates on his progress.


Foxy has found his forever home not too far away. His new owners have got him a lovely crate and toys. We have regular updates about him on our Facebook page


Megan has gone off to a new home to an old club friend. She will join up with a new friend Morgan. We will have plenty of updates on how she's doing.


Polly has now gone off to her new home, and we will be getting regular updates on how she's doing.


Dolly has been rehomed to the relative of a dog club member, so we will have updates on her progress. We do love to hear how our babies are getting on!. She will now be known as Pippen


Lizzie has gone off to a new home, with a brother dog. It's on the other side of the country in Lincolnshire but were sure she'll be very happy


Cilla has been rehomed in the south of England, with the help of another Border Collie rescue. She will be very happy and make a lovely addition to someones family.


Colin has gone to a local home to learn how to work sheep. This will be a perfect home for him as he is so full of energy. We hope he will come back soon to show us what he has learnt!


Barry came to Happy Days as he had been hit by someone so when anyone triedto touch him he would bite them. Jill has done extensive behavioural work with him and now he is a happy boy and will sit on your lap and will give a warning if he is unhappy with someone touching him. He came from another rescue and has now been returned to them and we think he will be staying with his original foster Mum. Well done Barry!


Lola has found a lovely home all the way in Snowdonia. It's a perfect environment for her. We're sure she'll be very happy there.

Del Boy

Del Boy has found a special new home with some Shih-Tzus to play with along the coast.


Little Nicki has found a fabulous new home and will hopefully be coming back to see us in training classes


Mischa has finally gone off to a lovely new home locally


We're delighted that, after a lot of work with him, Jay has now been rehomed. He's gone to a very experienced collie owner who will continue his rehabilitation in class with us. He's come a long way since he came to us.


Sandy has found her forever home along the North Wales coast not too far from Holly!


Holly has now gone off to a new home along the North Wales coast. We're sure that she'll be very happy!


We're delighted to report that Cassie has recovered well from her operation and has gone off to a new home.

Tom and Jerry

Tom and Jerry have been rehomed together on a smallholding in North Wales. They will live happily with a couple of dogs who they get on with well, hens and guineafowl. We're sure they will have a super time there!!

Simmy and Missy

Great news that Simmy and Missy have gone off to a lovely new home together. It's not too far away either, so we'll hopefully hear about their adventures growing up


Jessie has found a lovely local new home. We hope to be seeing her in training club soon.

Jack Daniels

After a very short return to the rescue, we're delighted that Jack Daniels has gone to another home. We're sure that this one will be his forever home!


We are happy to report that the lovely Daisy has been rehomed with a dog club member and her labrador. We think she'll be very happy there!

Little Flo (with Andy)

Little Flo was very frightened. She came to Happy Days to learn how to cope with life (Andy helped her!). She is now rehomed



This little girl was rehomed when her owner could no longer look after her


Kayla has found a fabulous new home in Snowdonia with other dogs, geese, donkeys and a wonderful family


Minnie has now found her forever home here at Happy Days where Josie, Andy, Eddie, Molly and Tippy all keep her in check (well they try to..)


After having several teeth removed and her flea problem treated, Sasha has found a lovely forever home. (She's the one on the right!!)

Bonnie and Clwyd

These two beautiful little balls of trouble were found abandoned in Ruthin at about 10 days old. They had to be hand reared, bottle-fed every few hours. We rae lucky to have people who are dedicated to giving these two the best possible start in life. They have been successfully rehomed and come back to see us regularly.

Little Star

Little Star has now been successfully rehomed and comes to dog club regularly. She is making great progress and is very happy.


Bramble is a lovely natured springer spaniel bitch who was abandoned in Penmachno. She is about 4 years old and has been used heavily for breeding. She has been successfully rehomed to a dog club member and is doing very well in training classes. She is much less frightened than she was, and has a great new family to play with.


Jet, a male Border Collie,recently came to us when the vet he had been taken to, to be put to sleep thankfully refused to do it!!. He has been successfully rehomed to the Staffordshire area. We hope to have updates on his progress!


We are delighted to report that Little Meg has been successfully rehomed. She still has some way to go to get her confidence back but is making great progress with her new owners and their other dog.


We are pleased to report that after several months in the rescue, these two beauties have been rehomed



Annie has been fostered by a dog club member. We all hope that it will become a permanent arrangement. Annie recently successfully completed her Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze Award which was a fantastic achievement for her and her new owner, Sandra

Bubble and Squeak

Bubble and Squeak have been rehomed to a friend of one of our club members. Although they are going all the way to London to live, we have been promised regular updates and photos of their progress.

Clancy - Cat

Clancy the cat has been rehomed - here at Happy Days, living in comfort in the house with all of the other long termers, canine and feline.


Maggie went off to a new home on the Wirral in June 2009


Archie was successfully rehomed in May 2009


She was handed over because she is too full of energy, however in her favour I dont think they took her out much to run any energy off.

Petra has now been rehomed with a lovely family and their GSD pup. She will be returning to training classes in the near future


Zac is 12 years old. He was left behind when his home was repossessed. He has always been an outside dog so is happy in the kennels as long as he gets to see the girls, has some food night and morning and a soft bed to sleep on he is ok.

It is unlikely anyone will offer him a home but we live in hope!

Sadly, we lost Zac in August this year but he had a great last two and half years here at Happy Days.

Toffee - Cat

Toffee came here from NCAR as he had been there a long time and no-one wanted him. He is just the nicest boy you could hope to meet.

His problem is he will get into anyones car, this could be how he got lost in the first place.

He now has to live in my house and keep my dogs under control, oh poor me!


Sasha was left to fend for herself in the middle of Mold. She ended up under arrest at the police station guilty of nothing more than having an owner who didn't care for this great girl.

She has a fantastic home where she is loved to bits. She has got problems with her eyes but she can always find her food bowl ok.

This is her at her "birthday" party, one year after she left us.


What a handsome boy, Monty had two homes offered for him, not suprising really, he went to live on the Wirral. At some point in his life he had lost half of his tail but it didn't seem to worry him, a bit less for us to brush.


Called Beckham because all he wanted to do was play with a football.

He came from the pound when his time was up, another great dog that would have been put to sleep because there are not enough homes for all these poor border collies.

Homed to a nice family in Cheshire.


Jamie came from the dog pound in Shropshire, via a Greyhound rescue, it is great when rescues work together and some dog pounds try really hard to get all the dogs rehomed.

He is an old boy but could more very fast. He was like Red Rum when he saw a fence. He had to be exercised on a long lead or he was packed and gone before you could turn around.

He too found a new home in Cheshire.


Mabel was in the dog pound, she is so old no one would have taken her in the 7 days they have to be claimed. She came to Happy Days to end her life which we did not expect to be long, but at least she would know what love was and would be cared for until then.

One of our dog club softies gave her a home for her last few weeks that was 2 years ago.

You had us all fooled Mabel.


Another border collie from the dog pound. Daizy was re-homed after her 2 weeks in isolation to a home in Anglesey, we found out she was having pups. T

he lady did so well looking after her and she had 6 pups, they all found homes but then Daizy came back to us to find a permanent home.

Again a dog club member stepped in and offered here a home. Now called Jess she has a home with Lizzie who had been in the dog pound months before.

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