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Harry's Progress

A video diary of Harry's progress since he came to us. He has made great strides in the last 12 months coming in to training classes regularly and being worked by Rhian Drake. His progress has astonished us all. Thanks to Anna Drake for the video.

Nita - our latest addition

She was a very scared girl when she arrived from Romania. She's getting better all the time now!!


Sponsored Walk to Romania

We raised a lot of money to help us rescue more dogs by simulating the dog's journey from Romania, including crossing the channel on rowing machines. It was an exhausting but enjoyable(?) couple of days. Thanks to all who helped in any way to raise the money

Getting ready for the off!!


Lunch was in Austria!!


Yes, this lot managed to row the equivalent of 26 miles!!

Harry Does Heelwork

He comes into class now regularly. Here he is showing us his moves.

More Harry Updates

Harry is really learning to play now. Here he is with our new girl Anne who has carried on Jenny's great work with him.

Here are some more exciting videos on Harry. Jill has made huge progress with him lately and here he is experiencing life with 'the pack'

Playing with Jenny

Harry's first off-lead outing



Harry has been having some off lead time in the barn. No one knew quite what would happen but he follows whoever is walking around. He seems to enjoy a bit of a trot! Great news.


Here's the latest picture of Harry and, yes, HE'S OUTSIDE!!!. Jill has made great progess with him recently and has managed to get him out of the kennel block on a lead, accompanied as always by Andy. Here he is sat by the gate.

Video of Harry's First Walk


Update on Harry

Here is a picture of Harry sitting quietly amongst some club members. We were very happy to see him like this, as his previous reaction to being out of his kennel was just to run!. It was fabulous to see him more relaxed. This week, he came to the front of his kennel while Jill was opening some new bedding. This is great progress again, but we know we can't put too much pressure on him too progress. He'll move at the speed he wants!



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