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Happy Days Animal Rescue Denbighshire

providing safety, shelter & care for rescue animals

In a busy boarding kennels; cattery and dog training environment, Jill Hughes and husband Phil have always managed to find space for an animal which for some reason has needed a place of safety.

Llanfair Show 2013

Happy Days Animal Rescue DenbighshireRescued dogs are vaccinated, neutered, assessed and socialised in training classes to ensure that they can be matched to a suitable, permanent home.

Club members are kept closely in touch with the progress of the dogs and often the dogs and their new owners themselves become regular club members, benefiting from the support, encouragement and kindness of like-minded people.

In fact the majority of our club members have one or more rescued dog themselves!

The financial generosity of our members and supporters has been consistent and sometimes overwhelming and as a result we have been able to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome many dogs over the past few years.

More and more requests to help animals in need are being received though so if you think you can help our finances, please use the donate button on the website.


Please keep up your valuable support! Money donated to Happy Days will be money that reaches the animals you intended it to help!!


Please use the 'sending money to friends'option on the paypal site as we don't pay fees when that happens, thank you.


Happy Days Animal Rescue Denbighshire